Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Transmedia for Interacting with the User

There is a widespread belief  that Cross Media and Transmedia techniques are similar, but nothing further from reality. While Cross Media refers to the process that revolves around storytelling through different platforms and thanks to it the story makes sense; Transmedia gets a differentiating element: the platforms are independent and do not need access to all content for understanding the story.

  But what is Transmedia? We could define it as a narrative process of a brand that intentionally decides to divide its content across multiple platforms or channels to arouse curiosity and interest of the user. However, despite being from different fragments housed in various media, the viewer can understand the story just watching one of them and then decide whether to consume other content and in which order.

  Thus, this technique is ideal to connect and interact with users and can be used in sites, television, social networks and even in video games or books. However, to ensure good effectiveness is required a good strategy that includes creating a unique experience to the consumer who will encourage him to participate and be  involved in the content creation.

Below we show you a video of the agency Draftfcb that explains what is Transmedia:

Source: Draftfcb

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