Thursday, March 25, 2021

How Millennials buy?

The way to buy is changing because confidence has grown in buying online. In the case of Millennials, smartphones, are their main tool to buy. They find there a huge advantages, for example, they can compare prices instantly and they can buy in their home without having to go to stores. Moreover, Invoca has published an study which shows a 76% of young people is addicted to their smartphone and another study, Mitek y Zogby, shows 87% of Millennials carry their smartphone constantly.

Generation Y has introduce mobile in their life and they use it to do a lot of activities. In fact, they ensure that they feel more comfortable buying through smartphones. Another tendency is to use Apps to buy products or services, this is because of the format, a majority of the Webs does not their format adapted to these devices.

Christmas is a good time to study spending habits and Wanderful Media has determined that a 73% of consumers are going to use the mobiles to buy and 9 to 10 Millennials will buy by eCommerce. All this data are important to know that smartphones is the best way to connect with this generation.

Source: JuiceBox

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