Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Millennials And Their 100 Top Brands

Millennials are an important target group, because it is huge and tend to buy via online. A recent market study run out for the company called "Ad agency Moosylvania". They asked questions over 3,500 people between 20 to 35 years old. This ranking is based on the quality of the online engagement between Millennials and brands, that is , how brands make interesting online strategies for them.

This ranking has 100 famous brands, for example, at the top, there are the following companies:

1. Apple.
2. Nike.
3. Samsung.
4. SONY.
5. Microsoft.

What have this brands done to be in that place? Because they are combined online tools and advertising Above The Line supported by their good image in the market.

Apple is innovating every year and their communication allows to connect with their target creating brand lovers. Apple make a subtle advertising through their shops and their designs. Moreover, this year, they are focusing on iWach with a great advertising.
Nike makes Millennials thing, sports are healthy and Millennials think that at the same time. Nike provides them the best technology into their clothes and create communities around the sport via online.
Samsung is a competitive brand because they provides to the market the last technology, their Samsung's Galaxy phones and tablets are a well-known products and popular with young people.
SONY invests music, gaming, photo and technology business and that is their strenght.
The last one is Microsoft which expend a lot of money to improve  the cloud computing, mobile apps and holographic computing.

Source: Moosylvania

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