Friday, January 17, 2014

Demand Side Platforms (DSP)

DSP or  Demand Side Platforms is a system that allows brands the centralization of ad impressions buying in different online platforms at the same time. Automatically, it identifies the best opportunities and rates according to the core target the brand is looking for. At the same moment it purchases all the available spaces until the budget is run out. The most habitual formats are display, video and mobile, it means all are purely multimedia.

In Ampliffy, the benefits we highlight are that it is an authomatic and swift process, there is a major control when it comes to manage the campaigns and the budget, it allows the brand to monitorize the invesment results in real time and see the progress and then it brings a better understanding of the interaction between user and brand. 

Below there is a video of UK IAB that visually explains all the process in the evolution of online display advertising:

Source: IAB UK -

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