Friday, January 24, 2014

Monetizing Online Traffic

Internet has become the media king to increase the income in a less cost than conventional media. It is  full of opportunities just brands can grow thanks to a bigger online and offline presence and impact. But when it comes to take profit of this new media, brands need to know very well the different platforms in which to invest and its working process, so they can adapt at its dynamic and choose a better focused message.

The models that monytorize the advertising inventory are very extensive, you can elect cpc, cpm, cpl, cpa, pcview, ppcall, ppvideo or pps depending on the marketing objectives. To get more benefits it is essential to opt for the formats that allows the net user to interact and so get better  informed on the brand in the different social networks to then share the content with its contacts, obtaining so a major number of potencial consumers.

In Ampliffy we offer a diversity of online platforms focused on a young target with very segmented characteristics and we bet for brands to choose display advertising, rich media, viral content, online videos like pre-roll ones or any format that is multimedia.

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