Friday, January 3, 2014

Young Audience Big Data

We live surrounded by what is called Big Data, huge amounts of information which we have direct access from every device. Trying to manage these volume of contents has become a hard work, but thanks to prediction models we have the chance to make more right decissions.

In Ampliffy we put at disposal our Artificial Intelligence platform based on Big Data. We give special importance to the fact of deeping on the young audience insights, its behaviour, likes, hobbies and how does it interact with the brands so later one these ones can focus more precisely their online strategy and achieve their goals adapting their contents.

The access in real time of information alows us to discover how the young target thinks and acts and that helps when it comes to create experiences by the brands. If we take profit of this opportunity we can take advantage to any content that net users can expect.

Below we show you an infographic of Kapow that explains which are the different sources to obtain Big Data:

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